We all get to the point of wanting to do mods on the Phantom DJI.

One simple mod is making the battery for the Phantom easier to place in the required area giving us the opportunity to buy cheaper batteries from Hobbyking that will work with the phantom. First video is how to take the top shell off the DJI Phantom.

Now the video below is making a area cut to be able to load battery leads in a better way for a non genuine battery or the original with in mind for FPV with the Phantom.

Warning video from Bernie on Power lead when doing Battery Mod.

┬áBernie’s Double Battery Mod

DJI Phantom Quadcopter, Very important !!! Warning buzzers !!!

Instructions how to get the best signal from the DJI Phantom Remote (Receiver)

DJI Phantom with FatShark PredatorV2 System – Custom Black


This is going to be ongoing-any mods you have done to the DJI Phantom please let us know to post here.

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