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Welcome To Naza DJI Products and Reviews:Especially the DJI Phantom Quadcopter.


Before we get started, let us introduce your review authors for Naza DJI Phantom and Naza Products:

John T: John has been in the RC hobby for 6 years better known as Syma Freak with his active site and forum on the Syma helicopters. He has a big history in rc helicopters and rc planes, having built many planes from scratch. He entered the world of quadcopters two years ago, building one from the frame up. He tested lots of flying boards and came across the DJI Naza board. His expertise on setting up a quad with the Naza board is without question, from learning the correct set ups and how to get a beginner into using this great product. He is the main man in building this site. He lives in Australia near the beach in a suburb called Manly.

Bernie N: Now Bernie has been building models since the age of 14. His first venture was into building a RC Boat 18ins long..he also built planes using balsa. His forte was Offshore power boats (with petrol (Gas) engines. He also entered the quadcopter world some years ago building one from the ground up- Bernie has a active site and forum help Here on quads. Bernie lives in the United Kingdom, a unique place called Southampton that has a lot of attachment to the great Titanic Ship.

So enough of the intro, enjoy their passion and review of the DJI Phantom, incorporating DJI Naza board, and even talk on FPV,Gopro camera, and videos to guide you to a unique experience in flying quadcopters.



DJI Phantom Review Part 1

Bernie and I decided to break this review into sections..Reason being to put this on one page will have you scrolling down for ever, we have a lot of info to show here with weekly updates. So we will kick off with specifications and a run down of the base flying options, then moving onto are pros and cons, also mods and FPV flying with the Phantom DJI.




Unboxing Of The DJI Phantom 2

Let us start with a great video from DJI.



Now there are a few things to go through setting up the DJI Phantom from scratch that Bernie and I have considered.Below is a condensed list.

1/ Turn Tx (Remote) on First. Place Quad on the ground, Flat surface.

2/ Connect battery, then do not move the Phantom until lights settle,flashing maybe orange if not in gps (gps needs to be calibrated on first boot up with battery)

3/ After the lights settle, about 60 seconds, place battery into battery compartment.

4/ To set up GPS Mode, Switch from GPS to Attitude 10 times on right hand side of remote

5/ The light will go to solid Yellow.

6/ Hold Phantom, Horizontal rotate yourself 360 Degrees.

7/ Hold Phantom, Nose Down rotate yourself 360 Degrees.I then put back on the floor.

8/ If you see the light flash red, wait till it shows Green only for GPS mode or Yellow only for Attitude mode.Consider what the remote right top is set to–GPS,Attitude.

9/ Do not take off for 10 seconds or more, this will be then marked as the Home Position by the GPS. Set if remote gets switched off or out of remote distance.

10/ If you see a red flashing light during this 10 seconds, wait longer till they stop. If they do not, then do not fly, and find a more open place away from buildings, but this is rare occurrence.


dji-phantom-imu-warming-up-1  (adjusting imu temperature sensor), this takes about 1-2 minutes, please be patient, during this process DO NOT move quad. Once gathered all data, the three yellow will gone.

dji-phantom-moved-gyro Usually seen when Phantom not standing firmly on the floor (gyro is getting unstable environment readings) or it did not start up correctly. Reconnect battery and let it start up again, do not fly in this status.


GPS Mode, less than 5 satellites, do not fly at this point!


GPS Mode, found only 6 satellites, do not fly in this mode in gps!


GPS Mode, all 7 satellites have been found, best flying mode in gps


Low battery, come home and land now


GPS Compass is getting wrong data, do the Self Rotation to re-calibrate, that works most times. For worst case, the compass is magnetized by magnets ( maybe a magnet head screw driver ), to make it work again, try placing it in clean place with no magnet device for 1-2 days, and do the Self Rotation to calibrate again) Or we need to reset in the software program)

Video Below on Phantom calibration set up:

The process to calibrate DJI  GPS Compass is really easy-problems found were only a Few..

  1. If you are say driving a few hundred klms or miles to a different flying area,you might have to recalibrate.
  2. Have some patience waiting for the green GPS light to flash, in some case has taken 3 minutes as imu board also warming to correct flying temperature.
  3. Once attached battery to Phantom, after remote switched on do not move the DJI Phantom- let it find the satellites for gps, first battery might take a few minutes
  4. I then use another battery when Phantom warmed up and found GPS Signal to get a longer flight.

DJI Phantom Setting up the Naza Assistant

Help on Understanding The Naza Assistant In Part 2.

 So there are some of the base set ups for the Phantom, let us move more into flying this quadcopter and some of the problems we encountered along the way.

PART 2 -Flying the Phantom and some Learning Problems


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